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Plastic surgeons provide personal testimonials in which they describe the benefits of the PAL® Power-Assisted Liposuction System and share pertinent medical information.

Power-Assisted Liposuction is the most widely used and preferred alternative to manual liposuction.[1]


What Can I Expect After Surgery?

Your surgeon will provide you with complete post-operative instructions, however some general guidelines are provided below.

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PAL liposuction is frequently performed using local anesthesia and/or intravenous sedation.

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The length of your procedure will vary depending on the areas being treated and the amount of fat being removed. Your surgeon will provide you with an expected procedure time.

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After the procedure, you can expect some light bruising and swelling. Your surgeon will most likely recommend that you wear a compression garment to assist with the healing process.


Possible Risks

Fortunately, significant complications from liposuction surgery are infrequent. Liposuction surgery is one of the two most common procedures performed by plastic surgeons each year. Most often, this surgery is performed without any major complications.[2]

Each year thousands of patients successfully undergo PAL surgery to remove unwanted fat, however all surgical procedures carry some degree of risk. It is important to ask your surgeon to review these risks with you.

1. February 2011, Surgeon Survey, Aesthetic Surg J 2011; 31 (2)
2. American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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