PAL® High Definition

High Definition Body Sculpting

Before PAL HD Procedure After PAL HD Procedure

Credit: Dr. Ahmad Saad, MD

*Results and patient experience may vary.

What is PAL High Definition?

PAL High Definition is an advanced surgical technique used by a select group of surgeons who have been trained to artfully define abdominals, pecs and arms to achieve a sculpted figure. Unlike traditional liposuction, this technique removes small volumes of fat following the natural muscular structure of your body to reveal a more defined anatomy.

This technique requires not only specialized training, but also specialized equipment to ensure a fast recovery and minimize post-surgical downtime for each patient.[1]

The MicroAire PAL System assists your surgeon by adding a gentle movement to the liposuction cannula, which helps loosen unwanted fat and provide your surgeon with optimal precision and control throughout the procedure. Improved control allows for more precise removal of small volumes of fat with less force, therefore leading to less bruising and trauma to the patient.[1] [2]

Am I a Good Candidate?

Each body is different, so candidacy will ultimately be determined by your surgeon. Both men and women can benefit from the PAL High Definition technique.

The optimal candidate for this specialized procedure will be close to their ideal body weight without a history of extreme weight loss, however, options are available for most patients.

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Reference Document: LIT-PAL-PATIENT-HD Rev A

Ask your surgeon if PAL High Definition is right for you.


Certified PAL® High Definition Trained Surgeons

PAL High Definition certified surgeons have attended an intensive Master’s Course consisting of hands-on coaching of this specialized technique, as well as detailed training on patient preparation and post-operative care to achieve optimal results. The following surgeons have attended MicroAire's PAL High Definition Master's Course.

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Surgeons listed are not employed by MicroAire Surgical Instruments, LLC, and provide independent medical advice and services. This list is intended only to provide you with surgeons who have completed MicroAire's PAL High Definition Course. You should independently determine if a particular provider is right for you.
Surgeons are trained and certified by Dr. Ahmad Saad through Instituto de Benito.